Our Space

1. La Salita
2. Cuarto oscuro
3. Graphic Workshop
4. Meeting Room
5. Desk room
6. Garden

1. Bedrooms
2. Kitchen
3. Workshop Little Apprentices 
4. Ceramic workshop
5. Photographic printing and serigraphy workshop

Drawing by Laurent Poisson (Brussels, Belgium) artist-in-residence 2019-2021


The house is located in Chile 3386, Victoria, San Fernando, just a few meters away from Uruguay Street, which divides San Isidro from San Fernando. This street is not a just a mere district division but a wall, which until March 2009 was invisible, dividing one of the most exclusive areas of Buenos Aires, the suburb of La Horqueta, from a humble neighborhood, consisting mainly of workpeople of San Fernando. In April 2009, the mayor of San Isidro gave visibility to a problem that had been going on for years in the area and built a wall that aroused the fury of neighbors, the community disapproval and the rejection of the Government and which was quickly demolished. Walls, wherever they are built, make any possibility of integration instantly annulled.

The intervention of this space and the critical reflection in this context implicates, necessarily, dipping into social issues and involves the categories of territory and social space.

The house has several spaces such as: a wide kitchen and dining room, two bathrooms, a TV where everybody can see video art, a constantly growing library, three bedrooms, two big patios where the “Vegetable Garden” workshop takes place and a ceramic and glass studio where the workshop “Pequeños Aprendices” is taught to kids from the neighborhood. The home also features the Vegetable Garden on the sidewalk, and the Studio, which is equipped for Contemporary Graphic.

El taller esta equipado para técnicas gráficas y especialmente gráfica no tóxica. Cuenta con un cuarto oscuro para técnicas fotográficas con insoladora y lámpara UV, ampliadora, bateas, scanner, computadora, prensa de grabado con rodillo de 1mt, mesas de entintado, herramientas y materiales específicos de grabado. El taller también está equipado con un horno para vidrio y Cerámica.

En Zona Imaginaria todo el espacio de la Casa se utiliza para la presentación de proyectos de los artistas participantes; casa, baño, cocina, cuarto, biblioteca, el jardín, los talleres y el barrio inclusive.

También contamos en el Taller con La Salita un espacio específico de galería, que da a la calle, equipado para exposiciones y proyectos de vídeo.

Autorretrato Filoso · Video installation – Matías de la Guerra 2020