Little Apprentices
Pequeños Aprendices

Free art and creative workshops for neighborhood children. This workshop is one of the cornerstones of the project. We welcome children between the ages of 6 and 15 who are interested in exploring the arts. Here, the children are interconnected through art and have an opportunity to interact with the artists who visit us in the residence. The goal is to develop a student’s imagination and sensitivity, as well as develop critical thinking, towards his or her own work and that of their peers.



Art and territory

Exhibition at Centro Cultural Haroldo Conti


Nos x nos 

Nosotros x Nosotros is a little book, the result of a collaborative work, which was presented at the Festival de la Luz en Zona in 2014.

After an episode of discrimination that we experienced between two children at the workshop, we decided to generate a device to work on the concepts of equality and belonging. Through the drawing of shadows, we essentially combine shapes, size and color.  The play of light and shadow is a basic principle of photography. Each of the participants portrayed the profile of one of the artists of “Pequeños Aprendices”. Different shapes. Same size. Same color.

2011 PA + Residencia

Pets in the Villa Jardín Neighborhood

Verónica Gomez came to Zona’s residency to take records of the pets of the Villa Jardín neighborhood and then paint a portrait. The artist makes portraits of pets, which implies an aesthetic and sociological exploration of the animal world, specifically the domestic animal and the imprecise limits of the domesticable, she says. With her portraits, Veronica delves into the bond between human and animal from a humorous and affectionate look at the unusual. She is motivated by the immersion in extra-artistic worlds and underworlds and the reciprocal nourishment that can occur between the artistic sphere and other spheres of society, in this case, those that have the animal as a protagonist in its many facets, from the domesticated animal to the hypothetical animals pursued by cryptozoology.


the Children illustrators

The comic book workshop by Ezequiel García with the support of CCEBA.  We learned about how to narrate personal stories and give them comic book form, as well as how to create characters and develop their own worlds. We shared the main elements to be able to tell comics, the setting on the page, the use of different techniques, choosing the theme and what story to tell, and how to translate it into enjoyable and understandable stories for everyone. The final result was the edition of “Los Niños Dibujadores” and “Caricaturas” with stories from Villa Jardín.


Neighborhood guardians

Portrait-pots of the Little Apprentices, a project in which we explored each other’s features, challenging us to focus on the detail of our eyes, mouths, ears and noses. We are encouraged to discover the three-dimensionality of our faces by pairing them with soft, prickly, or simply aromatic plants. An invitation to self-identification with nature and to embody our features in the multiplicity of options that art gives us.

These pots were planted on the wall facing Chile street, as sentinels of Zona and caretakers of everything created there. Small demonstrations perhaps of our belonging to the neighborhood, showing in some way our appreciation, respect and care for it.

PA + ZERI 2017

Canchita Güemes

Zona’s Workshop took to the streets in the neighborhood. The youth screen printing group, together with the Little Aprentices, worked together to design the logo and print banners for the Güemes soccer field. The Sociedad de Fomento Güemes joined the activity and we had the support of Red San Andrés. This activity was completed with a workshop for the students of the San Andrés Scottish School.

2009 PA + Residencia 

Same sky

Ernesto Bonato, artista residente 2009. Traje de San Pablo decenas de retratos que hice de personas que conocí en las calles del barrio San Amaro, grabados en xilografía e impresos en coloridas hojas de papel barrilete. Traje también varillas de bambú, tanza y cola. La propuesta era simple: yo enseñaría a los chicos a contruir un barrilete como los que hacemos en Brasil y ellos me enseñarían cómo hacer uno argentino. Así fue que construímos nuestros barriletes y, en un terreno convertido en cancha de fútbol, al lado de las vías del tren, los remontamos y soltamos, dispersándose en el cielo. Como contrapunto, al otro día, pegué 16 retratos en la fachada del taller Zona Imaginaria.


you do not exist

No existís, a small publication for a large work. The Little Aprentices workshop set out to investigate the myths of the neighborhood. The llorona, the chupacabra, the wolverine or Mars sightings are the most common myths in circulation. Masks and representations were created for them. All the material was edited and printed in this publication at Zona Imaginaria.