Residency Project

Who can live in this house?


In an era of closed doors, literally and metaphorically, almost as a dare, we bet on opening the doors of this house.

By presenting artistic representations in an accessible way, the home addresses the problematic of the gaze relating to art and everyday life, without simplifying or modifying its language. The familiarity of the spaces allows us access to unusual aesthetic manifestations, bringing contemporary art works closer to the community, transforming everyday spaces into a medium between art and everyday life.


We open the doors of a house and invite artists from different disciplines, countries, cultures and ages to take the space, inhabit it, allowing us to continue with the function of the house as such. We also invite critics, artists and curators and neighborhoods to participate and engage with this space dedicated to contemporary art. 


The project proposes the creation of cultural spaces and multiple reflections intended for experiential encounter while living invites and networking, fostering social ties, cultural aspects of sharing, learning processes and critical thinking.  

About the Residency

+ Artists interested in participating in the Residency must complete the application form.

It will be evaluated by a selection jury.

+ The house is open from March to November, with a break in the month of July.

+ Residency periods are for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six months.

+ With respect to expenses, the artists will only have to pay for the basic necessities for the maintenance of the house during their stay.

+ The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, patio and a garden. We have a shared studio equipped for contemporary graphics, a ceramic and glass workshop and an exhibition room.

+ The residence is located in San Fernando, Province of Buenos Aires.